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datasamurai is an Integration as a Service product that is focused on today's data centric applications and in taming the spread of data so that systems can more easily share, collaborate and integrate. Whether you are trying to pull together all your marketing data or all your systems analysis data, is your go to platform that can solve the need. With our dynamic rules, simplistic interface and world class support you can't go wrong!
Tenor Services


Whether you are looking for a partner to develop your next integrated dashboard or the best ecommerce platform, our teams have done it. We specialize in making software work for the end user and have yet to find a problem that is too hard.

Our team has a collective of over 50 years dealing with process automation and computer automation, it would be hard to find entrepreneurs more versed in solving problems than we are, in fact we challenge you to.

Schedule Buddy

Schedule Buddy is a communication platform that is designed to increase your communications with your clients and prospects. It is built upon our world class Marketing Automation Platform and has the ability to tie into your Calendar events, CRM and so many other systems. Schedule Buddy is your go to partner to help make sure you are communicating timely and your clients are remembering appointments.